Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've got nothing to prove towards you. As i've died to defend.


Didn't have much time to update this blog, so I thought I should update a lil...

Midterm Exams...

What more do I have to say?

hahaha.. I'm in for a hectic week!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Very Unlike Me.. BUT

Well It's Unlike me to post a rant post here on my blog.. I just have to share.

Do you find this Phrase offensive?
"Stop being so Serious "

Well, I don't BUT i find it ever so ANNOYING.

If you think I'm wrong, I'm open to comments. Care to share when must we be serious and when must we not? 

I personally believe being too SERIOUS is just sad and well.. not fun. I have my share of FUN.. but it's all about the TIMING.

Try going around with poke jokes when the other party is having a huge headache or problem, I wouldn't be surprised if that guy snaps.

So for all of you out there who loves to use poke jokes / offensive jokes.. Doing it at the right/proper timing is all fun and laughter.. But otherwise, you'll just be causing unnecessary ruckus.

And " Stop being so serious, I'm just joking" is such an OVERUSED excuse for being a fag.

-end of rant-

So, hows life?

YEAR 2-0-1-0

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

To friends:
Well wishing that we'll go trough another spectacular year together!

To everyone else:
Have a spec-f%^#ing-tular year!

~Whoaaa you're a loaded gun..~

Langkawi Trip

Oh did I mention?
Well, same old same old.. good chance for me to pratice photography !

Went to places like the usual.. Underwater World.. Mangrove trips.. etc.

One bad thing about this trip.. ITS HOT as nuts.

Will edit this post later.. gotta go off in a while :D

From Langkawi December 09
My fav shot of the entire trip.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Genting Trip

Well, it was same old same old.. Decided to head there early. So i went with my brother's car..

Stopped by Ipoh for some Dim Sum over at this place.

Well foods not too shabby here.

Then well, headed over there. And it was foggy.. day in and day out.. it was raining as well.. So much for photography. The indoors are SO CROWDED a simple stop to snap a picture, you would have someone bumping into you.

See what I mean?


Hard to think that there are strawberries from genting as well .. unexpected.

~ When romeo is bleeding ~


It's been a while.. and eversince that most recent post.. I have done 3 things that involved travelling and photography..

The would be :-
Genting Highlands Trip
Langkawi Trip
And learning (still am) of being a strobist (with GG as model haha! )

otherwise: a not so related one was that there was a last minute Xmas gathering.. right b4 my Langkawi trip.. it was a very small gathering.. was fun though

~No one could save me the damage is done~

Monday, December 14, 2009

EXAMS ARE OVER + seafood

Did several things today. First thing was I received and almost MIssion Impossible style of a task this morning. woke up at 8 ( thank god) and proceeded the mission and succeeded :P

Mission being : Collect MIS notes from Jean for last minute study . Well, thanks Jean for sharing!

Then, While in the exam hall, the lot of us went into the hall LATE. While also, Being the FIRST to leave. Aren't we just great?

Well that's not the main event for me today,
In the hobby zone, Proceeded to order my D300s battery Grip. Namely the MB-D10. It's bound to arrive tomorrow.

Oh I forgot to mention.

EXAMS ARE OVER!! -finally

So what do we do? We celebrate! How? head to Kepala batas to enjoy some fresh and cheap seafood.

Here's a picture to show you what I mean

Sorry for the bad picture, Taken with iPhone

Steamed Giant Pomfret(Tau teh) 
(Image might not be big but this particular fish is BIGGER than an A4 paper )
Fried fish? good stuff though
Stir fried Chili Squid < top right >
Chili Crab x 3
Curry XL sized prawns < bottom left >
1st time seeing this = Steamed Black Pomfret (Or chiau) < bottom right>
And finally, some Petai = GREAT STUFF < far bottom right >


And how much does this all COST?


I belive that is something to shout about. On the island(Penang) for such a meal it will easily cost you RM 5XX

Well that's what happened today, So much for slimming down. FOR THE FOODIES!